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Tour Dates 2018
Lordsmere Longsword Poster 2018

Well it's that time of year again when the mayhem that is Lordsmere Longsword wends it way through the sleepy hamlets that make up the Parish of Saddleworth - much to the chagrin of it's residents. So lock up your doors and hide your root vegetables - The Boys Are Back In Town.

Here's this years itinerary which takes place on Saturday, 29th December 2018:

  • 1pm - The Wellington, Greenfield
  • 2pm - The Swan, Delph
  • 3pm - The Swan, Dobcross (Two stablishments named the Swan? Could prove tricky!)
  • 4pm - The Gate, Diggle
  • 5pm - The Commercial, Uppermill
  • 5:30pm - The Albion Tap - Uppermill
  • 7pm - The Cross Keys, Uppermill
  • 9pm - The Church - Uppermill

Disclaimer: As you well know, alcohol can have an adverse effect on an individual's ability to operate machinery, or in this case, wield swords and no responsibibility can be accepted for members of the team falling over and injuring themselves (or turning up on time for that matter!)

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