Saddleworth Morris Men
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Rushcart 2021 Announcement

As you all might know by now, our annual Rushcart has been cancelled for the second year running.

However, all is not lost... Saddleworth Morris Men will be holding an informal day of dance within Uppermill on Saturday 21st August.

The day's event will start shortly after 12 noon with the first dance being performed in the car park area behind Upppermill Library. We'll be joined by friends from Earlsdon, Brighton, Rutland, White Hart and Jockey along with representatives from other sides, too.

It's envisaged the dancing will move on to the Cross Keys Inn, Running Hill Gate mid-afternoon, before finally finishing at the Church Inn further down.

We hope you can join us...

The Rushcart will be back in 2022!

The Rushcart Lads!

Will Kemp